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Home / MENS / Sweaters / Irish Fisherman Knit Aran Sweaters / O'Connell's Irish Fisherman Aran Sweater - Natural

O'Connell's Irish Fisherman Aran Sweater - Natural

An authentic Irish Fisherman's Knit Aran sweater from O'Connell's

Stay warm with this traditional new wool sweater (soft and silky - not scratchy) which has kept Irish seacoast dwellers warm for generations.  Popular legend holds that fishermen wore Aran Sweaters, each of whom had a unique design based on their family or clan.  If he (she) drowned and was found weeks later, the Aran Sweaters would help to identify the body.  Traditional Aran Crew Sweaters are distinguished by their use of several complex textured stitch patterns.  The honeycomb pattern on the front of our Irish Fisherman's Sweater is a symbol of the hard-working bee.  The cable, an integral part of the fisherman's daily life, is said to be a wish for safety and good luck when fishing.  The diamond is a wish of success, wealth, and treasure.  The Traditional Aran Crew Sweater is a great gift for anyone who lives in a cold climate.  Made in Ireland.

Sizing: XS (38) S (40-42) M (42-44), L (44-46), XL (46-48), XXL (50-52)

Sale Price: $195.00